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Paul Kato, a former staff member with Michigan Rush CA, is currently the Technical Director for Nigeria Rush and the President of ‘Kato International Training Academy’. Though Kato still resides in Michigan and is a high school teacher by trade, he still finds time to travel to Nigeria 2-3 times per year to help grow and develop the Nigeria Rush.

Nigeria Rush currently has two satellite locations, in121 the cities of Kwoi and Kaduna, and serves over 700 players between the two locations. Beyond that, Kato and his staff are also in the process of renovating some decrepit buildings in an effort to create a residential academy. This academy would afford children the opportunity to live on campus, where they would concurrently receive a proper education and quality soccer training; both of which they otherwise might not receive.  

When asked about the REACH program and its impact on Nigeria Rush, Kato sincerely stated: “[The REACH program] has allowed a lot of kids to have dreams that they would have never had the opportunity to dream otherwise. Once again, I express my sincere gratitude to parents, volunteers, coaches and all others that have made this possible. We face an uphill battle with poverty, corruption, and a disenfranchised public, but with your help we trudge on. Thank you to everyone for all your efforts.” He went on to say later that “My dream would be that someday a Rush team from Michigan would be able to host a Nigeria Rush team or go to visit Nigeria Rush. Either way, it would be a tremendous experience.”

122Through the REACH Program (Rush Equipment Assisting Children), Rush supports disadvantaged youth in developing countries all over the world. By partnering with Rush soccer clubs, schools, nonprofit organizations and communities, REACH provides soccer uniforms and gear that children otherwise would not have access to. By linking equipment donation to on-the-ground programs that develop youth soccer skills and promote health and education, REACH is contributing to stronger, healthier communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Michigan Rush would like to sincerely thank everyone who has and who continues to donate their gently used uniforms and gear to the REACH program. We hope to continue to help those in need all around the globe and appreciate your assistance in achieving this goal. Go Rush!





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