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Michigan Rush Capital, What we offer our players: 

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Jr Academy U5-U7: Ball Mastery and Fun: 

Rush CA Jr. Academy is an instructional soccer program designed to develop the individual skills of our youngest players. The Jr. Academy gives players an opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer in a fun and developmentally appropriate environment. Sessions are tailored specifically for young players and offer instruction on basic technique and game play.

Developmental Division U8-U11 – Learn to Love the Game: Basic insight, Technical Development and a love for the game

Michigan Rush CA Developmental Division provides young athletes with the attributes required to become competitive soccer players. Any boy or girl aged 7-10 is welcome. The 3 main goals of the program are: 1) Individual player development 2) Establish understanding of Rush Core Values and 3) Fun.  

Academy Division U12-U14 – Learn to Play the Game:  Playing from positions and Playing within lines both 9v9 and 11v11.

The emphasis of the Academy Division is to further refine individual player development. Focus on improving ball handling skills, developing field awareness and team play takes place in this age group. Reinforcing good habits through repetition and adding pressure in many different ways. The 4 main goals of the program are: 1) Advanced individual player development 2) Introduction of basic team tactics. 3) Continued development of Rush Core Values, and 4) Continued development of a passion for the game of soccer. Players will be introduced to meaning of true success.

Competitive Division U15-U18 - Learn to Win the Game: Specialization within 11v11.

The Competitive Division is designed to help players who are more developed in their skills and continue to develop through higher intensity competitions. The emphasis is more competitive in nature than the Academy Division. The three main aims of the Competitive Division are: 1) Continued technical development, individual specialization. 2) Development of advanced team tactics and game logic - learning how to win through sound decisions. 3) Use the Rush College Advisory Program to guide players through the college recruitment process. 

Development, Competition and Excellence:

Competition is vital for players to develop. We at Rush CA want and expect players to compete.  Training and games environment are competitive, and players are encouraged to develop a strong competitive desire. With that said, Michigan Rush CA strongly believes in educating its players in the relationship between success and excellence.

Excellence is long lasting, dependable, and within a person’s control. Excellence leads to success. We encourage our players and coaches to strive for excellence in order to be successful.

Our focus is placed upon developing appropriate skills through the creation of a supportive environment that is appropriate to each age group.

Competition, our teams will compete in ability appropriate levels of competition. Competition should allow players to be challenged, to achieve and to build confidence.  

  • U8-U12 Teams will play in the Western Suburban Soccer League
  • U13 –U18 Teams will play in the Michigan State Youth Soccer League
  • Tournaments will be selected per team, based on the appropriate level of competition

Additional Programming

In addition to our core soccer programs, Michigan Rush CA also offers a variety of specific programs for a variety of participants.  Supporting our commitment to provide to providing our members the finest soccer experience possible, Rush CA additional programs are an important part of the comprehensive soccer experience offered by the club.  Our diverse lineup of programming includes:

  • Camps and Clinics: Michigan Rush CA hosts a number of camps and clinics during the year. These opportunities are aimed those players seeking additional avenues to develop their soccer skills.  
  • College Advisory Program: Rush CA is serious about placing graduating seniors in college soccer programs. The CAP program shares information with families about college opportunities, academic eligibility, and communication with college coaches.
  • Deliberate Practice Program: Deliberate practice is a highly structured activity engaged in with the specific goal of improving performance. This is for athletes who strive to reach their potential, athletes who must be motivated to attend to the task and exert effort to improve their performance.
  • Michigan Rush Festival: In an effort to provide a unique and comprehensive soccer experience, Michigan Rush aims to bring together five Michigan Rush geographies for the Michigan Rush Fest Series.
  • Optimal Performance Specialist Training: OPS Training will help athletes excel as an athlete through speed, agility, and power training. The training focuses on acceleration, deceleration, top speed, ability to change direction, reactive ability, quickness, strength, and explosiveness.
  • Optimal Performance Injury Assessment Clinic: OPS offer Rush CA player the opportunity to meet with a qualified athletic trainer for guidance on injury treatment and recovery.
  • Player Development Curriculum and Online Progress Reports: The curriculum provides coaches and players a framework of player development expectations. All players will receive regular player development progress reports.
  • Private/Small Group Training: As a club we have received more and more questions from parents asking about individual & small group training for Rush players. Rush CA staff coaches offer their services in providing additional training to players. This type of training provides those players with the opportunity to develop specific areas of their game and work a coach of their choice.
  • *Rush Fest:  This is an opportunity for Rush players from across the world to come together and be educated with the Rush Way, in a fun but competitive environment. A camp, tournament and education event all in one.  
  • *Rush Select: Rush National creates select teams throughout the year. These are some of the top players in the nation getting together to compete in tournaments.
  • *REACH: R.E.A.C.H which stand for Rush Equipment Assisting Children, is a program dedicated to helping children in areas of suffering and poverty, by supplying them with soccer equipment. Rush asks members to donate gently used soccer equipment and clothing so they can distributed throughout the world to needy children.
  • Tutor Program: The tutor program simply means that anyone in Rush has the opportunity to train with any team in the Rush.

*All programs with the asterisk indicate this is a Rush National Participatory program. 

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