Michigan Rush Soccer Club

The U8 boys win their second tournament in a row!  This is their eighth game undefeated. These 9 boys continued to shine playing 4 tough teams with the ambition to win.  It was amazing to watch them all in action.  They started the tournament with a 5-1 win, followed by the second game with a 6-2 win. As the competition went on, they played with more excitement and held on with a 10-0 score.  With those 3 wins, they made it to the championship game and held an impressive score of 4-0.  They never stopped working hard, making their passes and playing a strong defense.  Coach Jon Schack was proud of his team starting the season so strong and never giving up.  This team is looking forward to the 2014-2015 soccer season.  GO RUSH!

photo 1

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